About Gumbalimba Park

The Perfect Roatan Shore Excursion

Gumbalimba Park in Roatan Bay Islands is a one-day destination dream. Where else can you become acquainted with monkeys and parrots in a natural setting, tour the history of the island, ride a zipline through the jungle canopy, explore the wildlife down under while breathing underwater, kayak the picturesque shoreline, eat at a poolside cafe, and just hang out in a hammock or lounge chair on the beach! From treetops to sea chests there are adventures that abound!

Gumbalimba Park offers all these actvities at one convenient location!

Hours of Operation:
Open 7 Days a Week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

West Bay, Roatan, Honduras

Swim suit, ecological sun block, sun glasses, camera, towels, and hat or cap.

Park Admission Includes:
Guide services, Coxen's (pirate) cave, animal preserve area, botanic garden, beach area, lounge chairs, toilets, showers, freshwater pool and parking.

Not included:
All additional activities such as canopy tour, snuba diving, snorkeling gear and kayaking.

How to get there:
We recommend you ask your cruise ship Shore Excursion Team and take one of the nice buses from the docks. If staying locally, your hotel has all the information necessary.


Question: I know Gumbalimba Park has a lot more to offer in regard to activities, but how does the beach compare to Tabyana Beach?

Answer: Both have white sandy beaches but Tabyana's white sand continues out for 400+ feet into the water so the water appears more clear. At Gumbalimba Park the water is just as clear, but about 50 feet out the seagrass starts. Then after that about 100 feet out you start to see the spectacular untouched reefs which are perfect for a snuba diving or snorkeling tour.

Question: I only have one day in Roatan, which tour should I do, Gumbalimba Park or Tabyana Beach?

Answer: The answer really depends on the type of person you are or the amount of activity you would like to do on your one day in Roatan. If you see yourself sitting all day under the sun (or palm tree) in a beach chair on a pristine beach with crystal clear water before you, then Tabyana Beach is probably for you. If you see yourself (or your family) playing with monkeys and parrots, touring a cave, zipping down a cable through the jungle canopy, diving and breathing 15-20 feet underwater exploring the reef and fish life, and then hanging the remainder of the time on the beach, then Gumbalimba Park is probably for you. We do have a tour that allows you to go through the Park and then over to Tabyana Beach for the day.